Q: Where are Indexss’s products manufactured?

A: Indexss’ products are manufactured at our state-of-the-art facilities in the Clark Freeport Zone of the Philippines.


Q: Where does Indexss sources its materials from?

A: Indexss procures its high grade raw materials from the Australia, France, Japan, Philippines and SIngapore.


Q: How long does Indexss take to manufacture and/or supply tools and consumables for a customer once an order has been placed?

A: Indexss always has inventory for its off-the-shelf products and the majority of its custom made products can be designed and manufactured within two to three weeks following the initial consultation with a client and acceptance of concept, though this is contingent on the size of the respective order.


Q: What is the minimum order that can be placed with Indexss?

A: Indexss is able to provide clients with single items or bulk orders.


Q: What delivery service / shipping options does Indexss use?

A: Indexss relies on a preferred list of recognised international courier and shipping service providers when delivering products, or can use a customer’s preferred courier or carrier.


Q: What sort of arrangement does Indexss seek with companies interested in having Indexss design and manufacture drilling parts and consumables?

A: Following an initial consultation with a company, Indexss will implement formal arrangements for designing and manufacturing custom made tools and consumables that are mutually beneficial to both parties.


Q: What fees will Indexss charge if a customer has custom design and manufacturing requirements?

A: Our fees will be based on the extent and cost of the custom design and manufacturing requirements that our customers may have in addition to the expenditure that may be incurred from sourcing raw materials for these requirements.


Q: Does Indexss offer wholesale or bulk order discounts?

A: Yes. These are offered on a case-by-case basis.


Q: What warranty does Indexss provide for its products?

A: Indexss offers a limited warranty of one (1) year for all of its products. A limited warranty policy can be provided upon request.



Q: Why are Indexss’ products different from its competitors?

A: Indexss is owned and operated by a group of international drill rig operators, manufacturers and drilling company owners with years of experience in the drilling, drilling supplies and rig manufacturing fields. The owners observed that high quality drilling tools, equipment and consumables could no longer be sourced in the open market due to a lack of supply. Furthermore, the quality of any supplies that were available fell far below the high standards required by many drilling companies. Consequently Indexss’ mandate is to manufacture, source and supply drilling tools, equipment and consumables of an exceptional quality for the international drilling industry.