Indexss was formed in early 2012 by a group of international drill rig operators, manufacturers and owners with years of experience in the drilling, drilling supplies and rig manufacturing fields.

At the time, the group had observed that high quality drilling tools, equipment and consumables could no longer be sourced in the open market due to a lack of supply. Furthermore, the quality of any supplies that were available fell far below the high standards required by many drilling companies. Consequently, Indexss was established with a mandate to manufacture, source and supply drilling tools, equipment and consumables of an exceptional quality for the international drilling industry.

With manufacturing facilities located in the Clark Freeport Zone of the Philippines, Indexss manufactures, sources, trades and supplies tools, equipment and consumables for drill rigs used in the mineral exploration, mining, civil and oil and gas industries. Indexss also designs, manufactures and sells purpose-built drill rigs for the mineral exploration and mining sectors. Indexss’ products are distributed domestically, internationally and offshore.

While Indexss manufactures ‘off-the-shelf’ drilling tools and consumables for the international drilling industry, Indexss also offers custom design and manufacturing services and, in particular, has collaborated with a variety of drilling companies to design, manufacture, and supply innovative and custom drilling consumables and equipment that all conform with the highest standards of excellence. In addition to its design and manufacturing capabilities, Indexss provides specialised technical services related to drilling for the mineral exploration, mining and civil industries around the globe.

Today, Indexss provides technical services to and has continuous orders from companies all over Asia, Australia, Europe and the Middle East, and welcomes the opportunity to meet and satisfy your company’s drilling needs.